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Hi, I am Deepti and this is the home of International cuisine. I love creating recipes and teaching friends and family about food. I hope what you see here will inspire you to pick up a spatula or tongs and create some deliciousness in your own kitchen.

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Are you guys looking for some fun baked goods? My baked goods collection has something for everyone. Some sweet, some savoury, some nutty, and some fruity. Check out my RECIPES section to learn more about my mouthwatering treat that you can make and enjoy.

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  • Left Over Cranberry Sauce French Toast
    Have left over cranberry sauce and don’t know what to do with it? Why no turn it into this delicious, and easy baked cranberry sauce french toast?
  • 15 Chicken Dinner Recipes You Will Love
    15 easy chicken dinners that you will come back to each week. Made in one pot, baked in the oven or cooked on a stove. Try one of these tonight!
  • Classic Crunchy Almond Biscotti
    My almond biscotti are crunchy, easy to make, and outright delicious. They are perfect for dunking in your coffee or cappuccino and make a great gift.
  • Finger Licking Good Beef Stew
    My finger licking good beef stew is hearty, healthy, delicious, and just perfect for a cold winter day. The beef is tender and spiced to perfection.
  • Delicious and Easy Apple Muffins
    My easy apple muffins made with delicious Macintosh apples are not only delicious but incredibly moist and are spiced to perfection.
  • Splendid Kenyan Corn Curry – Makai Paka
    My Kenyan corn curry is made with fresh corn on the cob and coconut milk. Flavoured with fresh herbs and spices, it’s bound to become your new favourite.

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